Classic Light Gray

A sparkling fine-grained granite in a lovely shade of light gray. It brings freshness and spontaneity to gray granites which is breathtaking

Classic North American Pink

A soft colored granite quarried in Canada. It is moderately priced with good contrast, medium crystal and select uniformity. A choice that is pleasing to the eye and budget.

Classic Missouri Red

A soft red-colored granite quarried in Missouri. It is moderately priced with good contrast, medium to large crystal. A unique granite pattern which is pleasing to the eye.

Classic Mahagony

A rich, warm brown characterized by softly rippling variations in colors. One of the few granites to let you see full crystal faces which make its color so unique.

Classic Premium Jet Black

The blackest of all granites, very fine grained and rate, polished to a mirror like gloss. Unparalleled contrasts whether diamond etching, standard lettering and carving or a contrasting surface treatment. 

Class Niger

A warm yet dignified granite of exceptional strength and versatility. Niger yields itself to a brilliant polish. Slight variegation, generally at a 45 degree angle adds character to this dark medium grained-beauty from Africa.


Classic Mist

Gentile waves of white mistiness across a deep black background. A true masculine color but when joined with a woman’s name, the color softens and reminds us of the mystery and romance that all men and women share.

Classic Barre

The one granite by which all others are judged. Truly a granite of the ages, this traditional blue-gray stone has memorialized more loved ones than all others combined.

Classic Wasau Red

The rarest of colors, this bright vibrant red granite symbolizes the passion and glory of life, of having loved and having been loved.

Bahama Blue

Beautiful coloring mixture of black, magenta, and dark, purple-gray.

Butterfly Blue

Gorgeous transitions of blues, greens and deep burgundy colors.

Blue Pearl

Stunning color reflection of dark, mid and light blue tones, mixed with gray and black crystallization.