How Can We Help?

At Piqua Granite and Marble, we realize the importance of honoring the legacy of your loved one and do everything we can to make this process as smooth as possible. We work directly with our surrounding cemeteries, handling all the paperwork and correspondence; coordinating all aspects of placing your memorial at your loved one's final resting place.

Over the past 135-years, we have built strong relationships with the quarries and manufactures. This enables Piqua Granite to offer you the best available resources, with the highest quality in industry standards. Having the business within the same family for the past 45 years, guarantees our family will treat your family as one of our own.

We get to know our clients, listen to your family stories and then translate those memories into works of art which will stand as tribute for centuries to come.



Preparing for the future makes difficult times easier.  In times of grief, decisions for honoring a loved one’s memory can seem daunting.  Pre-planning your memorial allows your family the chance to grieve your passing with a peaceful heart. 

Having made the hardest decisions for them, you elevate the worry of them not knowing your wishes. 

With your memorial carved and in place, your family simply needs to add your passing date; a process which can be done on site, in the cemetery.

The most unfortunate part of life is death. By preparing for your passing you will continue to care for your family ~ allowing them to carry forward without worry and without burden.


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